4 Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need to Be Refinished

If you take care of your hardwood flooring, it can easily last as long as fifty years and may last much longer. Nonetheless, at some point, your floors will need hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City or hardwood floor restoration in Kansas City. Because the finish on your floor will wear slowly over time, it may be challenging to recognize when it’s time to have them refinished. Here are four signs that it’s time:

Sign #1 – Noticeable Fading or Other Kinds of Discoloration

One of the biggest enemies of hardwood flooring is the sun. A little sun shining through your window isn’t a problem, but direct sunshine for a prolonged period can break down your floor’s finish and cause fading.

Water damage from a broken window, leaky roof, or broken appliance can also change the color of your floors. Once ultraviolet rays or water have damaged your floors, no amount of polish or cleaning will restore them to their original appearance. Speak to a hardwood floor company about hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City.

Sign #2 – Buckling or Gaps

If you recently had custom hardwood installation in Kansas City and your floor is developing gaps or beginning to buckle, something may have gone wrong during installation. Alternately, your house may have shifted, or you may have another structural problem.

Whatever the source of your problem is, you will need to have your floor repaired and refinished. We do repairs and refinishing all the time, and it may be more affordable than you think.

Sign #3 – Dull or Dirty Appearance

A dull or dirty appearance is the natural consequence of time and use. Even with careful cleaning and care, your floor will eventually lose its shine and a little color. Don’t worry––you probably don’t need new hardwood floor installation in Kansas City or major repairs. Hardwood floor refinishing is much more affordable and faster than new floor installation.

Hardwood Floor Restoration in Kansas City

Sign #4 – You Don’t Like the Color

Are your floors in good condition, but they are either darker or lighter than you prefer? It may be possible to sand them down and change the tone, color, or finish. Some woods are naturally very dark and can’t be lightened much, but many floors can be refinished to have a significantly different appearance.

If you don’t like the appearance of your floors, don’t rip them out! You may be able to refinish them and turn them into something you love.


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