4 Tips from a Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Overland Park on Choosing the Best Area Rugs for Your Wood Floors

A professional hardwood flooring contractor in Overland Park can help you install attractive hardwood floors in your home. Still, new flooring is only the first step toward creating a well-curated room design. An attractive and stylish room also requires stylish furniture, well-coordinated window treatments, and a carefully selected area rug. Area rugs are a great way to add extra color and texture to the design of your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office with hardwood floors. Nonetheless, we know that rug selection isn’t always easy.

Consider these suggestions if you need a little help choosing the best rug after wood floor installation in Overland Park.

#1 – Size Matters

A tiny rug in a large room will appear out of place. Similarly, a rug that is much too big will hide the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. Try to find a rug that will cover the center of a seating area completely. Area rugs in the living room should extend from one piece of seating to another, but they shouldn’t be much larger than the entire footprint of living room furniture. Area rugs in the dining room should cover at least the entire footprint of the dining table and chairs when no one is seated at the table but should not be so big as to stretch from wall to wall.

Hardwood floor installation in Overland Park is an excellent way to ensure you have beautiful floors. Choose a rug that accents that beauty––don’t hide it away.

#2 – Design

A nice, patterned rug can liven up the design of an otherwise plain room but be careful not to have too many patterns or busy designs. If you already have multiple patterns or designs on your window coverings and upholstery, look for a simple area rug without too much going on.

#3 – Color

An area rug should compliment the other elements in the room and offer a mild contrast to the floor color. If you have trouble identifying colors that coordinate well, don’t be afraid to use a color wheel. Color wheels are a reliable way of choosing colors that work together well, especially for those who feel they aren’t very good at choosing colors.


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#4 – Placement

Area rugs are best used as a style accent in a defined sitting or dining area. They should bring contrast to highlight your flooring and furniture but not steal focus away. As a secondary function, area rugs may also help you preserve your wood flooring in high-traffic areas and avoid the need for unnecessary hardwood floor refinishing in Overland Park.

A Final Note

Custom hardwood installation in Overland Park is an excellent investment in your home. Take your time to choose the right area rugs. You wouldn’t put a fine oil painting in a plastic frame, would you? Don’t cover your stylish floors with a low-quality rug.


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