How to Reduce Allergy Symptoms with Hardwood Flooring; Tips from a Hardwood Flooring Company in Leawood

Do you regularly wake up with itchy, red eyes and a runny nose? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, dust allergies, or mold allergies? If you have carpet in your home, you can most likely reduce your allergy symptoms with the help of a hardwood flooring company in Leawood. Cleaning all the dust, dirt, and mildew in your wall-to-wall carpeting is almost impossible, so make a change and get some relief. Hardwood floor installation in Leawood can not only make your home more beautiful, but it can also help relieve some of your allergy symptoms.

Carpets are Famously Hard to Keep Clean

The best way to keep your carpets clean is by vacuuming several times a week and scheduling professional cleaning 3-4 times a year. Nonetheless, even if you clean your carpets consistently, there is no sure way to get all the dirt out. Over time dirt, dust, pet dander, and mildew will collect at the base of your carpet and not come out. The presence of these allergens is a critical factor in poor indoor air quality and the exacerbation of allergy symptoms.

Despite claims to the contrary, recent scientific studies continue to suggest that even modern low VOC carpeting is linked to poor indoor air quality.

Hardwood Flooring is Easy to Keep Clean

If you are currently suffering from allergy problems and know that it is time to install new flooring, contact a custom hardwood floor company in Leawood for more information about hardwood flooring installation. Hardwood is easily cleaned with a broom, microfiber mop, and hardwood floor cleaner. Never clean your hardwood floors with a fully wet mop. Regularly soaking your hardwood floors in water can cause serious damage.

The best thing about hardwood flooring is that dust and dirt don’t have anywhere to hide.

Hardwood Flooring Company in Leawood

Hardwood Flooring: Durable, Easy to Clean, and Always Attractive

Hardwood flooring isn’t just a better choice for those who suffer from allergies––it’s a beautiful choice for any home. Hardwood flooring often lasts more than 50 years with proper care. For comparison, residential carpeting needs to be replaced every 10-15 years.

If your hardwood flooring starts to age, lose its shine, and look worn down, it probably doesn’t need to be replaced. Hardwood floor refinishing in Leawood or hardwood floor restoration in Leawood can make your vintage hardwood look new again. If you need help making your hardwood look new again, contact a hardwood flooring company in Leawood for help.

Hardwood Flooring Company in Leawood

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