Hardwood Floor Refinishing
How to take Good Care of Your Hardwood Floors

Every homeowner would want to keep their beautiful hardwood floors in top shape. Fortunately, maintaining hardwood flooring of a property isn’t a huge ordeal. Easy cleaning and upkeep will really help extend the life of your hardwood floors. Besides DIY maintenance, you should also get it inspected by the experts of hardwood floor refinishing in Overland Park KS from time to time. To ensure the longevity of your hardwood floors, follow these five tips described below:

Use the Right Cleaning Product:

There’s a myriad of cleaning products available in stores, but not all of them are suitable for cleaning a hardwood floor. Do research and find the right product that can safely and effectively clean hardwood floors of your home. Ask the experts for any recommendations. The key is to not use harsh chemicals for cleaning the hardwood floor. This will make the floor appear hazy.

Vacuum the Floor Regularly:

It is imperative to remove dirt and dust from the floor regularly. A piece of debris you see on the floor could likely scratch the surface. If possible, clean the floor every day or vacuum on a regular basis. Be sure that the suction is strong enough to pull sufficient dirt and dust, especially in the cracks and crevices.

Don’t Wet the Floor too Much:

When you have discovered the right cleaning product for your hardwood flooring in Overland Park KS, apply it using a damp cloth or mop. Remember not to soak the floor too much, else it could lead to swelling of the wood. Steam isn’t good for hardwood floors either, since the vapor can get in and damage the floor.

Fix Surface Scratches:

Scratching your hardwood floor, or any floor for that matter, is pretty normal. It is highly likely that you will scratch the surface in one way or another as you use it every day. Using a good quality stain markers is the right way to touchup scratches and stains in hardwood floors. This should really help you out. Hardwood floor refinishing in Overland Park KS is also a useful technique that makes your floor look new and shiny again.

Lookout for any Signs of Damage:

Hardwood floors are pretty sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature. Therefore, it is always important to be aware of the environment surrounding the floor. Wood is a natural product, so it makes sense that it easily reacts to changes in the weather conditions. Therefore, look for any signs of damage and get in touch with the professionals who can carry out the hardwood flooring repairs in Overland Park KS on time. This will help keep your floors in top shape for long.

The beauty of hardwood floors is unlike anything else, and following the aforementioned tips will be enough to safeguard them in the long term. Also, hardwood floor refinishing adds an extra layer of protection and prolongs its life every time. Talk to the pros if you have any questions.