Upgrading Your Carpeted Stairs to Hardwood? Important Facts from a Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Leawood

Unless you had your home custom-built or paid for an upgrade, the stairs in your home are most likely covered in carpet. Carpeted stairs look nice when new, but the carpet often gets dirty easily, wears out quickly, and leaves an unsightly blemish at eye level in your front room or entryway. If this sounds anything like the stairs in your home, have you considered having a hardwood flooring contractor in Leawood replace the carpet on your stairs with hardwood? Custom hardwood installation in Leawood may be more practical and affordable than you think. Consider the following.

Hardwood Stairs are More Attractive than Carpet

If you have ever seen hardwood stairs, this might go without saying. Fine hardwood stairs and balusters are often a work of art and one of the first things you notice when visiting a home. Meanwhile, carpet is commonplace and easily overlooked.

Hardwood Stairs Look Better Longer than Carpet

Hardwood flooring can be expected to last at least 40-50 years. Carpet needs to be changed every 10-15 years, sometimes more often. The superior quality of hardwood materials almost guarantees they will be an asset to your home’s appearance for decades.

When your hardwood floor does begin to look old and lose its shine, don’t worry. With hardwood floor restoration in Leawood, old hardwood flooring and stairs can look new again.

Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Leawood

Hardwood Stairs are Easier to Clean

Have you ever vacuumed a full flight of stairs? Not only is vacuuming stairs tedious, but it is also difficult dragging the vacuum up and down the stairs with you.

Hardwood floor installation in Leawood doesn’t just make your home more attractive, it makes cleaning easier.

Hardwood Stairs and Flooring Add Value to Your Home

In several surveys over the last twenty years, hardwood flooring has proven to be the most desirable choice for homes. In fact, most home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors than a home with carpet or tile.

Hardwood Stairs and Balusters are Available for Any Style of Home

One of our favorite things about hardwood flooring and stairs is that they can make homes of any style look better. What style is your home? Is it contemporary, modern, country, rustic, craftsman, or something else? Whatever style it is, wood floor installation in Leawood is probably an excellent choice. We can work with you to find the best wood, color, and finish for any application.

Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Leawood

Express Hardwood Floors – Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Leawood

At Express Hardwood Floors, we are a family-owned company offering custom hardwood installation in Leawood that can restore your vintage hardwood or install new hardwood in your home or small business. For over 18 years, our wide range of hardwood services and excellent customer service have made us a local favorite for hardwood floor refinishing in Leawood.

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